geo listed in Top 100 companies in Cambridgeshire

We are excited to announce that geo has been listed in the Top 100 largest Companies in Cambridgeshire by Cambridgeshire Limited initiated by Grant Thornton.

The list consists of Companies that have their principle place of business and management in Cambridgeshire and excludes companies that are owned by overseas companies or where strategic decision makers are based outside of the country.

In 2019 10 companies left the index which opened the door to new entrants, this demonstrates the vibrancy of the County’s economy with may companies, like geo, investing in its people, products and services to drive forward growth and investment in the local area.

Cambridge Limited companies cover 8 sectors with the companies split as follows:

  • 22 Technology
  • 19 Business Support Services
  • 16 Consumer and Wholesale Markets
  • 14 Manufacturing
  • 9 Food and Beverage
  • 9 Property and Construction
  • 6 Land and Rural
  • 5 Automotive

geo was listed as 67th based on turnover. The 22 technology companies as a whole have £1.5 billion turnover and employ 6,959 people.

Cambridgeshire Limited believes that Cambridgeshire remains a great place to grow and nurture successful businesses, with some of the companies who have left the index being a direct result of outside investment, which demonstrates the attractiveness of the country to those looking for a good return through acquisition or investors.

They identify that the county is continuing to improve its infrastructure and produces high quality talent pools which initially attracted geo to the area. If you would like to read more about the Top 100 Companies in Cambridgeshire, you can download the full report here.