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Run a smarter, cheaper, greener home, with SeeZero

SeeZero is a unique home energy management system that can be deployed to every home. It cuts bills, reduces emissions and lowers our dependence on fossil fuels.

By unlocking the capability of existing energy infrastructure, SeeZero helps energy systems to work more effectively by better prioritising the use of green energy.

SeeZero cuts bills, reduces emissions and lowers fossil fuel dependence

Our smart tech does the hard work

SeeZero chooses when and how to get the energy your home needs. And it does it 24/7. If wind turbines are buzzing at midnight, or solar farms are at full power over lunch, it knows.

And it can pick that moment, when energy’s cheaper, to run your washing machine, saving you up to 20% on your energy bill. Its smart technology does the hard work. You won’t need to lift a finger.

Home energy management system

Helps reduce household energy bills and carbon footprint while supporting a more flexible grid, helping to get us to net zero sooner.

Smart thermostat

The only smart thermostat that’s integrated with a smart meter, enabling better & more accurate insights to reduce heating costs and carbon.

Key features

Energy visualisation

Visualisation of electricity and gas consumption in real-time and for past days, weeks and months

Energy categories

Weekly breakdown of electricity and gas consumption by major categories (e.g. cooking, heating, washing)

Smart heating

Optional smart thermostat provides a simple and affordable replacement for wired thermostats, to match time-of-use tariffs

Appliance control

White goods control to match time-of-use tariffs using Matter-compliant smart plugs or with Matter enabled smart appliances

EV charging

EV charging for selected smart chargers, 3-pin plugs or cloud-to-cloud

Multiple sensors

Temperature, humidity and occupancy sensors identify the indoor climate and whether anyone is at home and needs heat

SeeZero makes your home work more efficiently, cutting bills by up to 20%

Potential savings for an all-electric home

Examples of SeeZero at work

SeeZero gives your energy supplier the information it needs to bring you the cheapest, greenest energy

How SeeZero cuts costs

Ade and Samantha live in a one bedroom bungalow in Newcastle.

They can achieve savings on their heating of 20% with a SeeZero home energy management system and smart thermostat.

Use cases represented are for illustrative purposes only and may be subject to change

Benefits of smart heating

Simple smart heating solution for homes with a single zone thermostat

Saves an average 10% through intelligent heating schedules

Turns the heating down when it senses the home is empty

Range of intelligent energy saving features to reduce heating costs

Secure by design - meets relevant cyber security requirements

Further details

Home energy management system

Open standard smart home energy management system to monitor and control appliances around the home

Energy categorisation

SeeZero analyses where energy is being used around the home and breaks it down into simple categories

Optimises energy usage

SeeZero optimises when to use appliances around the home based on available tariffs

Controls heating

With additional smart thermostat (available separately), SeeZero can provide an energy efficient smart heating solution that helps reduce heating costs

Smart home integration

Compatible with Apple, Amazon, Google and Samsung smart home ecosystems through Matter

Tips and hints

SeeZero provides tips and hints based on energy usage and customer profile

Secure by design

Meets applicable ETSI EN 303 645 baseline requirements (Cyber Security for Consumer Internet of Things)

Part of smart meter rollout

Can be installed as part of the smart meter installation or retrofitted. Ask your energy supplier for availability

Better for you, better for the planet

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Use cases represented are for illustrative purposes only and may be subject to change.