geo and Connected Kerb announce the world’s first Matter-enabled EV charging solution

  • EV drivers’ charging experience is now simpler than ever with the ability to work seamlessly with leading smart home platforms and brands

geo (Green Energy Options Ltd.) and Connected Kerb Ltd today announced the world’s first Matter-enabled EV charging solution. This breakthrough makes it simpler than ever for EV owners to manage their vehicle charging as part of their smart home experience and have it work across leading smart home platforms and other household brands.

Previously, EV owners have had to use dedicated solutions for managing, adjusting, and scheduling charging, without the benefits and features that many of the leading smart home platforms offer. Matter breaks that lock-in: it is an internet of things language that allows almost every smart home device on the market to work together seamlessly and intuitively. The combined geo and Connected Kerb capability harnesses Matter to break down barriers and put the control and choice back into the hands of consumers, giving them a simple and powerful new way to integrate their EV charging into their home and realise the benefits from a cost and energy savings standpoint.

geo’s work to add Matter support underscores the powerful impact that standards can have in making life simpler for consumers while advancing adoption of EVs and the integration of EV charging into everyday life. The company is taking a leadership position with the hope that many more EV charger manufacturers will bring Matter support to their products and push the entire industry forward.

geo’s recently launched SeeZero Home Energy Management System (HEMS), which is expected to start shipping to millions of British homes from July this year as part of the GB smart meter rollout, features in home energy display functionality and also supports Matter. The device has already successfully demonstrated Matter’s EV charging control capability.

geo’s CEO Steve Cunningham said: “choosing to move to an EV is still a challenge for many people; forcing them to change their chosen smart home provider and to trust a new, bespoke process at the same time just adds more complexity and inconvenience to that choice. geo and Connected Kerb’s work on Matter removes that complexity, easing many people’s first critical step into the future.

geo’s R&D team worked incredibly hard to develop our Matter support for EV charging and use it to show how easily critical Net Zero services can be simplified and automated. We’re proud to be at the leading edge with our work on Matter’s open codebase: along with the work of thousands of other developers all contributing to the standard, our R&D team has made it easier for the world to use energy more efficiently, and to get to net zero faster”.

Ben Boutcher-West, Chief Digital Officer from Connected Kerb said: “we want to make the EV charging experience as simple and straightforward as possible, wherever you are. The experience for EV drivers charging on the street should be just as convenient and secure as it is anywhere else. This collaboration with geo brings Matter’s connectivity and in-built security, and a seamless EV charging user experience that people will expect from Matter smart home providers.”