Other products & services

Our displays visualise energy usage from smart meters

Our displays are full colour, with ability to monitor single and dual fuels. Our displays also support pre-payment customers.

Our in-home displays comply with the latest SMETS1 and SMETS2 standards, for deployment with multiple smart meters.


Our device helps consumers understand how much energy they’re using and how much it costs. It includes the ability to set budgets and track spend, all through a mobile app.

Our CAD device use the same smart meter data as our IHDs, visualising the information on an app.

Compatible with both SMETS1 and SMETS2 meters, our CAD meets all requirements of the smart meter mandate.

Our consumer access device (CAD) pushes data straight to an app

Our energy insights capability processes data from more than 1 million UK homes

It provides easy to understand information about how energy is being used, how similar households compare, and how much it’s costing for things like heating, hot water, cooking and white goods, as well as recommending personalised energy efficiency tips