geo’s groundbreaking SeeZero home energy management system achieves Matter certification

  • Solution directly addresses high energy costs with potential to save hundreds of £s on energy bills
  • Carbon reduction for millions of homes will have direct impact on net zero

geo announces Matter certification of its revolutionary home energy management system (HEMS), SeeZero. This breakthrough makes energy management a simple, intuitive part of a household’s everyday smart home experience, working seamlessly with leading smart home platforms and other household brands, from EV charging to home heating and appliances like washing machines and dishwashers.

Previously, households wanting to make the best of their smart meters have had to rely on multiple proprietary and often complex solutions for managing, adjusting, and scheduling their energy use, without the benefits and features that many of the leading smart home platforms offer. Matter changes that: it’s an Internet-of-Things language that allows almost every smart home device on the market to work together seamlessly and intuitively.

SeeZero integrates directly with a home’s smart meters, leveraging the value of smart energy data in real time to save money and carbon. SeeZero then uses Matter to talk to other appliances in the home, optimising their operation to deliver savings of 20% or more on household energy bills, reduce household carbon emissions, and to make a major step in the drive to net zero.

geo’s CEO Steve Cunningham said: “Matter certification for SeeZero marks the culmination of two years’ work to bring our groundbreaking home energy management system to the market
“SeeZero can save hundreds of £s from your energy bill, no matter who you buy your energy from. But even with that savings potential, we recognise that people will only get involved if the pain of change is minimised and the savings ‘just happen’.
“At geo, we believe Matter is fundamental to removing that pain of change. We’ve played a major role in Matter’s development; and our R&D team worked incredibly hard to develop our Matter support for EV charging, a capability that will simplify energy savings for EV owners everywhere.
“Achieving Matter certification for a home energy management system that’s cheap enough to be deployed to any home as part of its smart meter set-up has been a huge challenge, but our team was determined to achieve it – and it has!
“We’re proud to be at the leading edge with our work on Matter’s open codebase: along with the work of thousands of other developers all contributing to the standard, geo has made it easier for the world to use energy more efficiently, and to get to net zero faster.”