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We're accelerating the UK’s journey to net zero

SeeZero puts households in control, offering them a better, smarter, cheaper way to automatically get the energy they need.

SeeZero also helps partners throughout the energy ecosystem to boost revenues, plan and operate more efficiently.


Our cloud is built around a microservices architecture that offers a robust, scalable and resilient platform

Why our tech is different

SeeZero makes full use of appliances already in the home, meaning, for example, dishwashers and immersion heaters across millions of houses can burst into life when electricity prices are lowest.

SeeZero makes energy sources work in harmony, creating multiple opportunities to develop new and exciting capabilities.

Our technology better aligns available energy with what customers need at any given moment

Where you come in

Our objective is to bring net zero forward.

The possibilities for innovation and delivery of exciting propositions to support this are limitless. And as new smart devices hit the market, we’ll be looking for even smarter ways to use and integrate with them.

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