An energy revolution in every home

All day, every day, we’re making smart choices to get you the cheapest, greenest energy available

Cheaper, greener energy for everyone, saving homes up to £500 a year*

*Based on £2,500 Energy Price Guarantee, January 2023 at 20% saving for the average home. Combined effect of in-home display visibility, disaggregation and heating savings from smart thermostat

Better for your pocket, better for the planet

Less cost, less carbon, more control

SeeZero is a home energy management system that puts energy efficiency in the hands of every home, getting us to net zero sooner. Plus, it means a smarter, cleaner energy supply for everyone, that’ll keep the lights on with less reliance on fossil fuels.

How SeeZero cuts costs

Ade and Samantha live in a modern, well-insulated bungalow in Newcastle.

They could achieve 20% bill savings* with a SeeZero home energy management system and smart thermostat.

*Combined effect of IHD visibility, disaggregation and heating savings from smart thermostat.

Investor information

With an addressable audience of virtually every UK home and beyond, the size of the opportunity we’ve created is almost infinite.

None of our competitors offer our scale or our access to it.

Energy suppliers

SeeZero’s unique capability can co-ordinate the energy devices and systems in millions of homes.

It makes automated, smart decisions at scale, bringing down costs for consumers, reducing carbon and meeting the demands of both household and grid.

Technology partners

SeeZero represents an unparalleled opportunity for development partners to contribute to the net zero mission. The data we’re generating is almost unprecedented and the possibilities for innovation and delivery of even more exciting propositions are limitless.

International customers

Our technology works with major smart meter standards so you can be part of the energy revolution too.

Use cases represented are for illustrative purposes only and may be subject to change.