Leak detection cable

Waterlock extension cable (4m length)


The extension cable is quick and easy to connect to an existing sensor (push in and the connector clicks into place) and is even supplied with clips to keep it in position wherever you decide to locate it. If the cable is exposed to standing water, then the main sensor it is connected to will send its ‘water shutoff’ command as normal, whilst alerting you via the app and email. The cable is quick to dry so it can be re-laid soon after an event and continue doing its job of protecting your home.


  • 4m in length
  • 5mm diameter
  • Colour – blue
  • Only one cable per main sensor
  • Supplied with x 5 securing clips

This extension cable enables your existing Waterlock system to extend its leak detection range. The extension cable can detect standing water along its entire length making it perfect for a number of applications including:

  • Running behind the white goods in a kitchen or utility room
  • Placing under a shower tray or bath unit
  • In a roof space near a water tank or water pipes

The cables are not suitable for high humidity environments where condensation may occur on the cable surface

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