Protects your home from leaks and gives you control over your home’s water supply.


The Waterlock system automatically acts when it detects standing water associated with major leaks, instantly shutting off the mains water supply. It also alerts you to changes that indicate a slow drip leak through changes in temperature and humidity near the sensor.

In addition, the system gives you control of the mains water supply, allowing you to turn it off remotely when you are away using the Waterlock app, protecting the home and giving you peace of mind. It’s even compatible with Alexa.

The system can have up to 12 wireless sensors which can be placed in high risk areas around the home such as kitchens, bathrooms, utility rooms or boiler cupboards.


IMPORTANT: Before purchasing Waterlock  ensure the product is suitable for your home. Waterlock is compatible with 15mm or 22mm copper or plastic pipes (not lead) which are in good condition. There must be ample access to the stopcock and surrounding area for the system to be fitted.

To help you establish whether your home is suitable, please watch the pre-purchase video.

Waterlock can have up to 12 wireless sensors which can be placed in high risk areas around the home such as kitchens, bathrooms, utility rooms or boiler cupboards.

  • Protect
    Provides 24/7 protection and works when the internet is down
  • Control
    Remotely control the mains water supply from the Waterlock app
  • Monitor
    Monitors changes in temperature and humidity to detect slow leaks
  • Alert
    Sends instant alerts via email and to your smart phone when a problem is detected

System components

  • Valve with installation guide
  • Wireless sensors (number of your choice)
  • Hub
  • Valve controller
  • App (iOS and Android)

Pre-purchase advice

Before purchasing your Waterlock system, we advise checking your house is compatible, watch the pre-purchase video to find out how.

Installation process

Sedgwick Repair Solutions are able to provide a professional survey and installation of the Waterlock product for £214.80 (£96.00 non-refundable pre-installation survey fee and £118.80 installation fee) the cost is inclusive of:

  • Pre-installation survey over the phone which includes a process to ensure suitable access access to the internal stopcock and space around it for the Waterlock to be installed.
  • Installation, alteration of pipework and all materials (excluding Waterlock product itself).

The Installation Fee shall be refunded to the customer by Sedgwick Repair Solutions within 14 days of attempted installation if the installation of the Waterlock product does not proceed for whatever reason.  The pre-installation fee is non-refundable.

By ticking the box above, you are agreeing to us providing the Waterlock installer with  your name and telephone number so that they may contact you to go through the pre-installation survey, arrange installation and process any fee’s relating to the installation of the product.  For details on how geo handle your data, please review our privacy policy.

Modern design

Sleek, contemporary look

Temperature alerts

Avoid freezing pipes by being alerted to low temperatures

Humidity alerts

Changes in humidity may indicate a slow leak near the sensor.

Standing water

Limit the damage of an escape of water by having the mains water automatically shut off

Battery powered sensors

No need for mains power and the batteries last up to two years (battery levels reported on the Waterlock App)

Multiple sensors

You can have up to 12 sensors connected to your Waterlock system to cover all areas at risk

Independent of your broadband

If your internet goes down, Waterlock will still work to protect your home against escape of water


1, 3, 6

Pipe diameter

15mm, 22mm

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