Information security policy

geo have developed and implemented an ISO27001:2013 ISMS to ensure that the provision of all service is provided under the specific control of a dynamic management system for the effective and continual provision of information security.

The Senior Management Team are committed to the implementation and on-going management and maintenance of the ISMS in order to ensure and support the key objectives of the business of:

  • Ensuring confidentiality, integrity and availability of information held by geo and that in respect to its stakeholders.
  • Provision and maintenance of a secure and safe working environment for all geo operations and activities in compliance with all legislative requirements
  • Risk Minimised Supply Chain
  • Continual Improvement of the ISMS controls

To that end geo shall strive to:

  • Maintain its ISO27001 Certification
  • Review and assess the effectiveness of the risk assessment and treatment criteria and subsequent acceptance
  • Develop, assess and implement controls, measurable policies and practices in accordance with the organisations structure, responsibility and governance
  • Ensure that defined service level agreements and measurable service is provided to its clients to provide and retain confidential service provision
  • Assess, evaluate and verify its supply chain to ensure control throughout its operation of ISMS responsibilities and GDPR obligations
  • Implement, maintain and evaluate effective Business Continuity and Disaster Recovery plans relevant to the organisation and its client facing requirements
    geo have therefore integrated those aspects of its ISMS with its ISO9001 Quality system to ensure that all actions and operations are documented, measurable and evaluated for their effectiveness.

geo shall undertake formal reviews of all aspects of its ISMS in its responsibility to continually provide quantifiable and reliable service to its existing and prospective clients and ensure that improvement is applied to continually remove and mitigate risk from its operations and activities.

Steve Cunningham

(CEO, Green Energy Options Ltd)

Last reviewed: 29th November 2023