Environmental policy

Green Energy Options (geo) is based near Cambridge and provides a range of smart energy products to manage and monitor energy usage with a focus on cost and carbon reduction. geo is committed to minimising its carbon impact and seeking ways to improve its performance to reduce its impact on the environment and its stakeholder community wherever possible.

In all of its activities, geo will:

  • fulfil its compliance obligations
  • apply processes to assess the environmental impact of activities, products and services, set objectives and targets, and implement robust reporting
  • monitor its performance against objectives and targets, and initiate action for continual improvement
  • seek to minimise adverse environmental and social impacts of our activities and products by:
    • protecting the environment, including prevention of pollution and other specific commitments relevant to the context of the organisation
    • conserving energy and other natural resources
    • integrating its Environmental Management System into core business processes
    • reducing the environmental impact of materials used
    • reducing waste and increasing reuse and recycling where possible
    • working with suppliers and contractors to monitor their environmental performance and social commitment
    • use its own technologies and products as an exemplar of what can be achieved to promote the economic reduction of energy use
    • increasing employee awareness and promoting good environmental performance
    • making the policy available to all interested parties via the website

This policy will be reviewed on a regular basis to ensure it is compatible with the context and strategic direction of the business.

Last reviewed: 20th February 2024