Industry responds to National Grid power cut report

In a recent article in Energy Live News, representatives from across the energy industry have responded to National Grid’s final technical report on the power cut.

Dr Thom Whiffen, geo’s Product Manager for the Hybrid Home said: “The recent power outage is a reminder of the increasing pressure that the National Grid is being put under as we increase our reliance on renewables. Although we’ve seen power failures in the past, this event has clearly demonstrated the level of investment in providing flexible energy services is insufficient and not future proofed for our ever decarbonising, decentralising grid. These events will become more frequent as we focus on the decarbonisation of power and put distributed generation at the heart of our system planning.”

Thom’s view is that homes with connected batteries could have saved the system from going under and stressed real-time connected data of distributed generation is needed to ensure the country is properly protected as it moves away from fossil fuel generation.

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