geo and Eliq combine technology innovation to provide energy management apps to UK householders

geo is working in partnership with Eliq, a pioneer in providing intelligent energy monitoring through utility companies so that energy can be delivered as a service. The two organisations are combining their technology know-how to help UK customers better manage their energy and maximise the full benefits of their smart meters.

Eliq’s mobile app and cloud platform works in conjunction with geo’s smart devices and services to provide a service to customers through their energy supplier.

Currently geo and Eliq are working jointly with Bristol Energy, which has recently announced that it is providing customer engagement apps that will allow householders to leverage the value of their smart meters. This will including managing their account, accessing Smart and real-time data and providing the energy company with a platform for future energy services.

Andrew Coleman, Bristol Energy’s Head of Smart Metering Transition says “We are really excited to work with both geo and Eliq on the development of innovative energy services for our customers. The first release of our app is now live, and, as our customers start to receive their second generation meters with touch-screen geo CADs, we will have the opportunity to enhance the app and grow our connected home and energy service products.

We want to ensure our customers have access to useful, market-leading services that suit them and their lifestyles. We want to be better connected with our customers, which is why we’ve named the app ‘Be Connected’.”

Supporting geo’s aim to make energy visible and manageable, the Eliq app will analyse the data extracted from Trio and provide a range of insights based on each households’ unique usage across different categories of appliances. By making the information available through their energy supplier in an easy-to-use app, the consumer can make informed choices that allow not just energy, but also cost savings, to be realised.

“Trio has already proven to be instrumental in helping householders understand their energy usage,” said Patrick Caiger-Smith, CEO at geo. “However, by combining this insight with an intuitive mobile app, we are taking a vital step forward in delivering actionable energy information to consumers. This will lead to better use of smart meters and greater control over how energy is consumed in homes.”

Hakan Ludvigson, CEO and Co-Founder at Eliq commented. “We are working closely with geo and UK energy suppliers to create connected solutions that are transparent, easy to use, and informative. Offering mobile services in this way will allow suppliers to competitively differentiate themselves in what is a highly competitive environment.”