geo sponsor the EDA workshop in the Netherlands

geo was delighted to sponsor the EDA (Energy Display Alliantie) workshop in Utrecht, the Netherlands at the beginning of December. Attended by nearly 50 participants, the event brought together representatives from housing associations, energy providers, tenants’ associations, energy coaches and government bodies. 

A combination of varied presentations, interactive polls and a panel session resulted in active participation and healthy discussion. Driven by the desire to increase the savings opportunities presented by the smart rollout from the estimated 0.6% so far, group enthusiastically discussed how to increase use of in-home displays. geo presented the encouraging 3% reduction in energy consumption as a result of the UK’s smart meter roll out, which has already broken even thanks to the savings achieved.

A representative from Stichting !Woon presented a plan (“Meters Maken”, or “Making Headway” (making meters, literally)) for accelerating the rollout of in-home displays as an integral part of housing association processes: e.g. new tenant onboarding, delivery of refurbished homes. We hope to work with many parties to deliver this laudable proposal, and achieve cost and CO2 savings for social housing tenants.

Another highlight was an example of how a municipality’s energy coaches are putting IHDs to good use. The coaches visit residents’ homes with an IHD, plug it in, and then replace an incandescent bulb with an LED. The immediate and visible energy saving wins over the tenants to the opportunities for doing more.

Please do let us know if you would like to more about any of the content of the workshop.