Our Core4Grid trial has been showcased in a BBC article

The Core4Grid trial was referenced in a recent BBC article about how energy flexibility can save money and cut carbon. The article quotes figures from the Core4Grid trial that showed DSR systems could save 49% on utility bills for homes with electrical heating and electric cars along with CO2 savings too.

“They are pretty amazing figures, but they are achievable in the majority of homes as time goes on,” CEO, Steve Cunningham said.

What’s more, those savings were achieved using only major contributors such as home heating and hot water. Even more cash would have been saved, he said, if appliances such as freezers and washing machines were fitted with smart plugs so they could also be controlled individually from afar.

Smart thermostats costing £25 could save gas heating by learning how fast a house heats up and cools down, and adjusting boiler use accordingly. “It’s tragic that people who most need tech like this can’t afford to access it,”

You can read the full article on the BBC website