geo in the Nordic Region

At geo, we understand the needs and motivations of Nordic customers – typically, they are early adopters that are open and engaged in energy innovation. Many are seeking technology that can help with carbon reduction and lead the way in clean energy.

Increasing awareness of energy use to reduce carbon footprint

For this reason, geo has been active in the Nordic Region since our involvement in the COP 15 Smart Home in Copenhagen, and has continued to pioneer the way with leading Utilities in the area to offer great solutions and devices that customers want to use in their homes. Feedback has shown that Nordic customers find our products user-friendly and engaging, facilitating the whole family in their quest to maximise their home’s energy efficiency.

Due to the active desire to reduce carbon and increase awareness of how energy is used at home (and in the office), the Nordic region provides a unique opportunity for bringing new environmental technologies to market – geo are committed to embracing this opportunity to demonstrate the value of our energy-saving technologies to a wider international audience. We’re confident that our work in the Nordics will inspire other markets to prioritise energy efficiency and make environmentally-conscious decisions around energy use.

Our solutions offer something for everyone who is interested in using less energy and carbon – from established products with proven results to innovations that pave the way for more advanced capabilities. Our award winning Solo IHD which, combined with smart control through apps and plugs, allows users to keep an eye on and adjust consumption to make proven energy savings – it’s no surprise that this has proved to be extremely popular among users. Our latest next-generation devices can talk directly to Smart Meters whilst pulling in helpful data from third parties, such as Nordpool pricing and weather services – we believe that this union is the key to future energy innovation. Taking this interest in control, savings and engagement further, we have developed an easy to use system that can now control heating in Nordic homes with multiple heat sources, including electric panels and heat pumps. Our Cosy Smart Thermostat, smart plugs, sensors and WaterLock can be integrated as part of the Hybrid Home, which can also incorporate battery storage for TOU load balancing, electric vehicle charging and PV where present.

Getting results in Norway

Our Solo II has been a huge success with customers of IstadKraft in Norway.  IstadKraft appreciates how our energy monitors help people to visualise their energy use, which encourages energy efficiency – this mutual benefit has strengthened their relationship with their customers.

Quick facts

  • Multi-zone control of multiple electric heat sources and hot water:
  • Panel heaters / ovens, unfloor heating, sill heating, heat pumps, lamps
  • Nordpool spot price integration to heat at the most economic price
  • Advanced algorithm heating modelling – learns how the home heating performs anduses this intelligence to maximise efficiency and comfort
  • Future ability to add utility controlled demand response to alleviate grid pressures

Case Study

Customers in Finland are seeing great benefits from our Solo II energy monitor. Read more about this in our Fortum Family Savings case study below.

For more information on our work in the Nordic region, please contact:

Rachel Bennett