International Partners

We welcome enquiries from energy suppliers and other businesses that would like to use our products to offer value to their customers. We’ve used the following formula with several energy suppliers to date and are happy to provide examples where we are able to without breaching confidentiality agreements.

Your brand built around our products

From the outset our strategy has been to tailor our products to our clients’ brands and objectives. This can be as simple as applying your logo or as complex as building a different enclosure or UI. The heart of the product remains the same which gives us the volumes to keep prices low and the experience to ensure reliability. The whole package we design for you and where this is different to our mainstream product grant exclusivity for these elements of the design.


Trials are an important element of this process. We need to check out the technical and market differences so that we can adjust the product as necessary – you will want to check out your support services and refine your consumer proposition. To this end we normally recommend an initial trial the results of which help to define the final product requirement. For obvious reasons, this trial will normally use the current product with only minor modifications made for the trial and charged as part of the cost of the trial.

Minimum order quantities

The level of commitment we require to start work on branding and other modifications will depend on the scale of the work required. Normally this will be a minimum order quantity (MOQ) which itself is tied to the minimum order quantity required by our manufacturers. This will usually start in the order of 5,000 units where minimal branding changes are required. Needless to say, the higher the MOQ the lower the unit price. Of course, where no changes are required, we can supply lower quantities from geo stock.

We understand that the needs of each regional market can be different. Take a look at the work we do in the Benelux and Nordic regions for some insight on what we can offer and how we tailor it to varying customer requirements.

International Projects

We work with a number of International Partners. We’re currently making exciting progress in the Nordic and Benelux regions – to read more about we offer in these areas, click on the links below.