Where’s the best place to put your energy monitor?

Energy monitors (also known as in-home displays (IHDs)) are handy little devices that show you how much energy you’re using in your home. By showing you your energy use in real time, this helps you keep track of how much you’re spending – along with helping you avoid any nasty surprises at the end of the month.

But, where you put your energy monitor makes quite a bit of difference to how often you look at it – and then adjust your energy consumption to use less energy. Here are a few examples (sourced from the team here at geo HQ) of good places to put your monitor.

1. In your living room 

Don’t have a mantelpiece? Never fear. That coffee table, side table or any other flat surface, in your lounge will make do instead! If you’re anything like us, you’ll spend quite a bit of time in there, on the sofa, in front of the TV! By having your energy monitor nearby though you’ll be able to glance at it during the ads to see how much energy watching that Midsomer Murders omnibus has cost you… Scary stuff.

2. In your kitchen 

Having your energy monitor on the kitchen counter is great way of helping you keep an eye on some of the biggest electricity guzzlers in your house. This way, each time you turn the kettle on to make a cuppa, you’ll notice a spike in your electricity levels – helping you become much more aware of your energy use.

3. By the side of your bed

Your bedside table, or nightstand are also great places to pop your energy monitor on. That way, the last thing you see before you close your eyes at night, is the amount of energy you’ve used that day – which might make you resolve to spend less on energy the following day. Just try not to have any nightmares about your energy use…

4. By the front door

By placing your energy monitor somewhere by your front door (think little table or window ledge) you’ll be sure to take stock of your energy use at least a couple of times a day when leaving for work in the morning then returning in the evening.

Where will you put your energy monitor?

Wherever you decide to place your energy display, it should, ideally, be somewhere where you can’t help but glance at it each and every time you walk past. We’d love to hear where you’ve put your energy monitor for maximum effect – leave your comments in the bow below!