What’s the difference between smart and programmable thermostats?

Read on to find out exactly what makes smart thermostats so smart along with why it’s probably time you started thinking about upgrading that old programmable thermostat of yours…

1. Smart thermostats are easy to adapt to schedule changes

If your plans change and you’re going to be home later (or earlier) than usual you can turn your heating on or off via an app. This means you’re not heating your home (or spending money) when you don’t need to be. Talk about affordable comfort!

2. Multiple schedules

With programmable thermostats you’re only allowed one schedule programmed. This stays the same for weekdays and weekends and doesn’t take into account changes to your everyday schedule. Most smart thermostats let you programme multiple schedules to suit your lifestyle.

3. Twin zone control

Do you have different heating zones in your home? With a smart thermostat there’s no need to have both zones set on the same schedule. Instead, control the zones separately and only heat the areas you need to.

4. Hot water control

Got a hot water tank? Good news! Most smart thermostats allow you to control your hot water in the same way as your heating.

5. Practical doesn’t have to be boring

The unattractive programmable thermostat has been overtaken by the stylish, sleek designs of today’s smart thermostats.

6. User friendly

Unlike confusing programmable thermostats, most smart thermostats on the market today have easy to understand menus, offer simple controls, have large screens and are designed with the user in mind. You don’t have to be technical to use a smart thermostat. Phew!

7. Daylight savings time all taken care of

Programmable thermostats can’t automatically adjust when the clocks change – leaving your heating out of sync by an hour. Smart thermostats are much cleverer, they just keep up with the times!

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