How to get Cosy twin-zone heating for your home

So how does Cosy twin-zone heating work?

With twin-zone control there’s no need to heat your whole house to the same temperature and waste precious heat. Instead, you can set each zone with its own different temperature profiles and schedules to suit your preference and lifestyle (and to improve your energy efficiency too) either via your Cosy Display or your Cosy App.

What’s so great about Cosy twin-zone heating?

Good question! Here, we’re going to hand over to one of our lovely Cosy twin-zone heating fans. Meet Kelly (and her smart, little heating helper) who recently had Cosy installed in her twin-zone home.

Take it away, Kelly!

“Cosy offers a fresh and innovative design that fits well with the style of our house. It’s easy to use and the intuitive app was well received by the ‘non-techies’ in the household.”

“Having lived in our house for four and a half years, it’s always been cold and heated discussions – excuse the pun! – have taken place regarding the house being too cold. Since the easy, hassle-free installation these discussions are long gone and the house has been regulated at temperatures to suit our family. Our bills have also seen a sharp decline!”

Cosy compatibility: can I get Cosy twin-zone heating for my home?

If your home is already wired up for twin-zone heating then you should be able to start coming home to Cosy, just like Kelly and her family.

Cosy twin-zone works with any heating system that can be controlled by a thermostat – either wireless or wired – as long as the boiler controlled has a thermostat circuit. 
What’s more, Cosy is also compatible with gas, LPG, oil, biomass and many electrical heating systems.

How to get Cosy twin-zone heating

Already have Cosy in your home?

Then all you need do is get yourself one of these extra displays to sit in your second zone. Take your pick from either original white, wooden or black acrylic to suit your home decor.

New to Cosy?

In that case, you’ll need to buy yourself a Cosy twin-zone heating pack. Head over to our web store where you can order your Cosy and choose your installation (included in the package) date to suit your plans. Easy peasy!

Got a Cosy question for us?

If you have any questions about twin-zone and whether it’s right for you and your home then please get in touch with our friendly Support Team – they’ll be happy to help. We look forward to hearing from you!