Unique water monitoring device now available to Finnish customers

A unique and innovative device that displays a ‘real time’ picture of your home’s water usage and consumption is now available to Finnish consumers for the first time. geo, a leading provider of home energy products, has appointed water metering specialist Koka as the distributor of the world’s only colour in-home display of water consumption in Finland.

The geo Water Ensemble display works with ‘smart’ water meters  is particularly suited to the Finnish market where regulations aimed at reducing household water consumption have led to the widespread use of water meters.

Water meters are often installed in inaccessible parts of the home, so Koka wanted to offer a solution that displays accurate water meter readings at a glance. The geo Water Ensemble not only shows the meter reading, but is also able to keep track of water consumption measured by multiple water meters, and can highlight a leak, indicated by abnormal flow, before the home suffers significant damage.

Water Ensemble, which is available in the UK, Denmark, Germany and Sweden, embodies geo’s dedication to well-designed and reliable  products that help households manage their energy and water consumption.

Patrick Caiger-Smith, CEO at geo, said: “We have been supplying energy products for the Finnish market for over five years, and we believe strongly that Koka’s introduction of Water Ensemble will meet the needs of Finnish households to easily monitor their water consumption. Finland has a commitment to better managing its water usage, and, given that in-home displays have been shown to lower a household’s water usage by as much as 8% according to an Anglian Water trial in 2013, customers can achieve worthwhile  reductions in their water bills by monitoring their water usage.”

Timo Kariluoma from Koka, said: “Smart water meters are now required in Finnish homes but not always easy to read. By offering geo’s Water Ensemble our aim is to ensure the meter can be read accurately and easily without the need for additional tools, or finding a ladder to reach a meter. Using this, customers can understand more about their water consumption, better manage their budget and become more engaged in the decisions they make about their usage.”

The geo Water Ensemble display is available now in Finland please see Koka’s website for more details.