Our top Cosy heating tips for holiday trips

Off on your summer holidays soon? If so, take a quick look at our Cosy checklist to help make sure your home, sweet home is as cosy and welcoming as can be when you return home.

Before you set off on holiday

1. Make sure your Cosy Display is on its docking station

When carrying out your final pre-holiday sweep of the house (Lights off? Check! Windows shut? Check!) make sure Cosy is placed firmly on its charging dock.

The battery in your display can stay charged for around a day, but if you leave it undocked for the duration of your fortnight in Costa del Cosy, you may just come home to a house that’s quite a bit warmer (or cooler, even) than the temperature you were hoping for…

This happens because your Cosy Display contains a temperature sensor – which means that when your display runs out of battery, not only is it no longer able to read your indoor temperature, it’s also unable to tell your boiler when to switch on/off to regulate the temperature.

In this case your boiler will automatically switch itself on for ten minutes every hour (to make sure your pipes aren’t in danger of freezing) until it picks up a temperature reading from your Cosy again.

2. Schedule Slumber or Hibernate mode for when you’re away

Depending on how long you’re going away for, it’s a good idea to set your Cosy to either Slumber or Hibernate mode for the duration of your trip.

Whilst Slumber mode is a good choice if you’re away for a long weekend (this mode keeps your home at a low-ish 12ºC), Hibernate mode (for when you want you heating off – but with frost protection) is a better option if you’re going away for longer.

Still not sure which of these modes is best for your holiday needs? Take a look at this handy blog post about Cosy modes for more info.

3. Activate your Welcome Home feature

No one likes coming home to a cold, dark house, especially not after a trip away. So, why not make the most of the Cosy Welcome Home feature (you’ll also need a few Cosy Smart Plugs which you can buy here) to schedule up to 5 home appliances to come on when your heating does? That way, you can come home to a lovely, warm and well-lit home. You’re welcome! 

On your holiday

4. Make any adjustments you forgot to make before you left

Uh oh! Didn’t have time (or just plum forgot) to adjust your Cosy schedules before setting off on your jolly holiday? Not to worry! You can easily adjust your schedules from wherever you are in the world thanks to the handy Cosy App. 

5. Beware of data roaming charges

If you are going to adjust your Cosy schedules from the poolside (especially if doing so on your mobile) we’d recommend connecting to the hotel’s Wi-Fi first. You wouldn’t want to spend all the money you’ve saved by not heating your home whilst you’re away on a big ol’ phone bill now, would you?

On your way back home

6. Tweak your schedules if plans change

Flight home delayed (groan)? Stuck in a traffic jam (double groan)? Never fear! If you’re going to be back later than expected, you can always log into your Cosy App –from the airport, from a service station, from wherever! – and adjust your schedules so that your heating and any Smart Plug-connected appliances switch on slightly later than planned.

Share your holiday heating tips

We hope you enjoyed reading this post. If you have any other top holiday heating hacks, we’d love to hear them. Pop your ideas in the comments box below!