Smart home data security: why your data is safe with Cosy

We use our own wireless protocol

Your Cosy smart thermostat has its own unique frequency – 868 MHz if you’re interested! It’s this wireless frequency that helps get your Cosy heating data from A (e.g. the controls on your Cosy Display) to B (the Cosy Switch on your wall).

Having our own special protocol that no one else can access means we’re able to guard your data securely – even more securely than Mr Tibbs, your cat, guards his comfiest blanket!

What’s more, because Cosy isn’t connected to any other devices – either via the same hub or wireless network – this means you avoid the effects of any other security breaches that may come your way through a less secure device on the same network. Phew! 

Did we mention our protocol is encrypted too?

Yes, it certainly is! This means that from one end of your wireless connection, right the way through to the other, your electronic data is encrypted – i.e. your data is turned into jumble of letters and numbers at one end and can only be decrypted again at the other end (by us) using a special cipher key. Clever, hey?

Your data is safe with us: our privacy promise

When it comes to data security and the storing of your details, we also have some very strict rules that we apply. These make sure that any data stored (your name, email address, password, etc.) is stored securely and that it’s not passed on to any one else – no PPI-chasers, no compensation companies, no-one without your consent!

For more info on our privacy policy and personal data practices, please take a look at the privacy policy outlined in our terms and policies section.

Get in touch with us

Like we said at the start of this post, we take data security really seriously – so if you do ever notice any out-of-the-ordinary activity on your Cosy account or receive any suspicious-looking emails, we’d really appreciate it if you could flag these up with our support team – as soon as possible – so that we can investigate further.

In the meantime, if you’d like any more information about our data encryption or privacy policy, please get in touch with our support team who’d be happy to help put your mind at rest. We look forward to hearing from you!