Slumber or Hibernate: which Cosy mode is best for your weekend plans?

How do I use Hibernate mode?

Going away for the whole weekend, or longer? Sounds like you could do with putting your Cosy (and central heating) into Hibernate mode. This mode’s also a great one to choose if you prefer to have your heating off during the warmer, summer months.

You can put your Cosy into Hibernate mode, either from the control screen of your app, or by pressing the Hibernate (snowflake) button on your display. Cosy will then stay in Hibernate mode until you choose another mode – which you can do either from the Cosy display itself once you get home, or from the handy Cosy App whilst on your return trip.

What’s more, even though your heating’s technically off when in Hibernate mode, if the weather does take an unseasonable turn for the worse, (which, let’s face it, is pretty likely here in Britain!) Cosy will make sure that your home temperature doesn’t drop below 6ºC. This means no frozen (or burst) pipes and no post-holiday stress. Phew!

When should I choose Slumber mode?

Just heading out for a day trip? In that case, we’d recommend you pop your Cosy into Slumber mode. This mode’s great for when you want your heating to be on, but on at a low temperature (the ideal temperature for Slumber mode is 12ºC). It’s also a good mode to choose for when you’re asleep at night.

As with Hibernate, you can select Slumber mode either via the control screen of your Cosy App, or by pressing the Slumber (Zzz) button on your display. By selecting Slumber mode, this will override Comfy or Cosy if either of these two modes are active at the time.

Need more help with your heating modes?

Still have heating mode questions for us? Take a look at our handy help sections on Hibernate mode and Slumber mode for more info. Otherwise, please get in touch with our support team (they’re all very friendly) who’d be happy to help. Or, you can always pop your questions in the comments box below for us to answer. We look forward to hearing from you!