How to set your Cosy heating schedules for summer

It’s a good job then that each of your 3 Cosy heating modes and 7 heating profiles are easily adjustable to suit your Cosy needs! Follow the simple steps below (using either your web or mobile app) to adjust your heating schedule to summertime.

How to adjust the temperature of your heating modes

Now that the weather’s taking a turn for the warmer, you may find that you don’t want your heating to come on at quite so cosy a temperature in the morning.

Vicky, our Marketing Manager, kindly let us have a sneak peak at her Cosy summer schedules. During the winter months, Vicky likes her heating to come on in Comfy mode between 6:00 and 8:00 in the morning. For the summer months, however, although Vicky still likes her heating to come on at the same time – she likes the temperature to be that little bit lower.

To make this change, all you need do is…

Hot to change Cosy mode temperatures

And if the weather happens to take a turn for the cooler (as can happen with our great British weather…) never fear – at the press of a button you can adjust your heating to come on, to help keep you coming home to Cosy all year round.

For more help with changing the temperatures of your Cosy mode take a look at this handy knowledge base article on this very topic.

How to change the timings on your heating profiles 

Now that the days are staying lighter for longer, maybe you could also do with re-jigging the timings that you want your heating to come on at.

Taking our glamorous assistant Vicky as an example again, she still wants to have her 21ºC boost of Cosy mode in the summer evenings – it’d just feel much cosier if it happened half an hour or so later than the 8:00pm it’s currently scheduled for.

How to change Cosy mode schedule times

Psst! The eagle-eyed readers among you might have noticed that Vicky’s Cosy also controls her hot water. If you’d also like your Cosy to control your hot water (you’ll need to have a hot water tank i.e. not a combi boiler for this) then we have some good news! You can now buy a Hot Water Extension Pack either on our webstore (with installation) or over on Amazon (without installation).

Need more help?

Not quite sure how to fine-tune your current temperatures and heating schedule timings? Never fear, help is at hand! Take a look at this handy section on setting your own heating schedules and profiles. If you have any more questions, our friendly support team would be happy to help. Get in touch!