Project Inspire: Energy for All – Innovate for All

geo presented the Accessible in-home display (AIHD) and Hybrid Home at the launch event for Project Inspire: Energy for All – Innovate for All, which took place in London on Monday 29th January 2018.

Project Inspire was conducted by Sustainability First, a well-respected social research group, looking into best practice for supporting vulnerable energy consumers. This vulnerable group are often over-looked, but one which Ministers and consumer organisations are staring to focus their attention. The project took over 15 months to complete and was conducted in collaboration with over 100 organisations.

The in-depth study demonstrates how innovation, including creative use of data and smart technologies, can improve service and quality of life for energy customers in vulnerable situations and those with additional needs.

There were 150 people in attendance, with both big 6 and smaller energy retailers represented along with Government and voluntary organisations.  There were keynote speeches from BEIS on behalf of the Energy Minister who was changed at the latest re-shuffle, The CEO of Ofgem, Smart Energy GB and EnergyUK.

A number of key service and product innovations identified by Project Inspire were showcased on the day.  geo presented the Hybrid Home and the Trio II Accessible in-home display (AIHD), both of which were extremely well received.  In addition to this, geo was referred to several times throughout the course of the conference as an example of an innovative company.

As a result of the Project Inspire report, we are hopeful that demand for the AIHD in particular will increase with several people intending to promote the device on the back of increased awareness.

Finally, we would like to congratulate Sustainability First on an excellent report and launch event which highlights an important area within the energy sector.

Sustainability First have produced both a full report and a shorter summary report which are available for download here.