Minim+ with LED sensor

Energy monitor with LED sensor


The Minim+ electricity display uses a simple and intuitive monitor to help people engage with their energy habits. Using intelligent graphics – like a speedometer to show current energy use and a budget bar to help keep track of costs – the Minim+ gives energy control back to homeowners.

Great value, colour energy monitor to help you control your energy consumption.

  • Easy to self-install, easy to use (not designed for homes with solar PV installed)
  • Colour display for great visibility and style
  • Keep track of energy use against budget
  • See energy cost in ££, CO2 or kWh
  • Live data plus historical record for comparison
  • Includes 1 LED sensor 
  • Shows room temperature on display
  • Supports up to 3 electricity tariffs and daily standing charge; works with Economy 7 tariffs
  • Stores up to 1 month of usage history

PLEASE NOTE: This is not compatible with the WIFI module

The Minim+ energy monitor is a simple, self-installed display that uses an LED sensor and a wireless transmitter for accuracy, reliability and range. If you’re looking for something simple and great value then the Minim+ is the electricity monitor for you.


Standard, LED sensor version

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