Patrick Caiger-Smith appointed Vice President of BEAMA

BEAMA is the leading trade association representing electrical infrastructure products and systems, covering all aspects such as transmission, distribution to environmental systems, and services in the built environment.

Patrick Caiger-Smith, who is the CEO and co-founder of Green Energy Options (geo) has served as a board member of BEAMA for three years. In this role, Patrick will continue to develop strong links with other trade associations representing the electrical manufacturing industry, to highlight the industry’s role in ensuring a sustainable and energy efficient future.

“BEAMA’s focus is on sustainable, safe, efficient and secure UK electrical systems and our members are at the forefront of the smart meter rollout and delivering a smarter energy future. As we see advances in smart home technology and battery storage, BEAMA will continue to play a leading role in helping to shape technology adoption and regulation in emerging market sectors which provide greater control and energy efficiency in the home.” – Patrick Caiger-Smith