Pancake Day 2018

Shrove Tuesday or Pancake Day as it is more fondly known, is nearly upon us. On Tuesday 13th February, people across the country will deplete their local shops of eggs and flour.

When thinking about the link between energy and Shrove Tuesday we came across a few interesting facts that we thought we’d share, so did you know……

  • Shrove Tuesday is 47 days before Easter and the general rule of thumb is that it will fall between 3rd February and 9th March each year
  • Shrove Tuesday dates back to Anglo-Saxon times with the Christian tradition of being ‘shriven’ before Ash Wednesday, the first day of lent. Christians responded to what became known as the ‘pancake bell’ that called them to Church for confession.
  • Shrove Tuesday was a day when rich foods were used up ahead of the 40 days of lent (fasting) so that they were not tempted to consume them. Foods such as eggs, milk and sugar were combined to make pancakes, which leant its name to the popular tradition, Pancake Day.

Here at geo, we have been wondering how much energy is used to make the perfect pancake so using our Minim+ energy monitor we set ourselves a challenge to find out. Watch our video to see how we got on…..