A new chapter

A new chapter… in both geo’s story and my own!  Business Schools teach you that businesses go through growth stages and need different skills at each stage.  And so it is with geo: our next stage is scaling up – we have some very exciting new products and new markets as well as the full UK smart meter rollout to address.  Equally so, I have some exciting ideas that I want to explore around international innovation in energy, enterprise and a business education stream that sits between vocational and academic training.

So, at the end of this month I will be changing my role to become a Non-Executive Director but still with responsibilities to represent geo in a number of external groups such as Smart Energy Europe.  I am also contracted to provide  consultancy support for geo on “market making” activities.  In parallel I have set up a Strategy and Research new business called ZigZag (because the path to your destination is rarely straight ahead!) which I will be using to progress other interests.

My email will be simplified too, to just simon@geotogether.com with my old email addresses being forwarded to Paddy to deal with – rather him than me!!

This is au revoir, not goodbye!  And here’s to the next chapter in geo’s growth.