The Minim+ is back in stock, and you should be excited!

Due to high demand, we sold out of the Minim+ in March, but we are delighted to announce that it is back in stock! So, we thought it would be a great time to tell you why the Minim+ is so popular and remains our best selling consumer product!

The Minim+ energy monitor is an intuitive device which uses simple, colour graphics to display current and previous energy usage, many other devices have a boring black and white display that leaves the dry subject of energy consumption looking pretty flat!

Our energy monitor uses intelligent graphics in the form of a speedometer to show the current usage, it is rather addictive watching it move from green to orange (and even to red) when different appliances are in use around the home, often leaving you wondering what device is creating the spike! (Warning: The hunt for the appliance can become an addiction!) 

Unlike a smart meter or a smart in-home display (one that takes meter readings for you and talks to your Utility company) the Minim+ energy monitor can be easily installed by anyone, it does not require a trained electrician to fit, which is great because that will save a few pennies!

Some energy companies include a free energy monitor with their tariff, but if not you can always purchase a Minim+ separately, and don’t worry, with 3 ways to save £50.00 in the handy Energy Challenge booklet (included with the Minim+) you will soon be covering the cost of the device…and more!