Little April Showers

With summer here one moment and April Showers the next, we thought we should remind you how you can change your Cosy mode to suit the change in weather!

The Cosy display shows you the current temperature at its location, make sure it is out of direct sunlight, otherwise it may be tricked into thinking it is warmer than it actually is (when it isn’t raining of course!)

The light on the display tells you which mode the heating is currently in. Press the mode button once to view the temperature for that mode, then press it again to confirm changing the heating to that mode for 1 hour.

When the light next to the mode button is purple, this will confirm the heating mode is active and heating is running (but if the light is green the mode is active however the heating is up to temperature!)

What if it is really cold (as I hear it might be this coming week) and actually you want to change the temperature of a mode?

Simple! Using the app, adjust the temperatures for the heating modes to suit until the sun starts shining again! We can’t guarantee it but apparently the sun will be out for the first May Bank holiday….hoorah!

If you would like to extend the mode to stay on for longer than 1 hour (which is the standard time for a quick boost on the display) then why not use the app to extent the duration of the mode? That way you won’t have to keep getting up to adjust the display if it is just out of reach!

(Although we hope you remember that the display is mobile so it can go with you…. provided it is still in the house, I’m not sure why you might want to take it elsewhere!)

So, don’t let April Showers get you down! Get your house nice and Cosy and grab a film until the rain passes! We’re sure it won’t take too long!