Smart Energy Europe

This week our CSO, Simon Anderson, was in Brussels attending the rebranding of the SEDC as Smart Energy Europe.  This is one of the most effective European Industry Groups and has been a catalyst for the opening of European electricity markets to demand-side flexibility. The rebranding represents a broadening of the Group’s activities in line with the current European Energy Package going through Parliament.

To illustrate the new breadth of interest a short Symposium was held in Parliament sponsored by MEP Martina Werner.  Chaired by Dr Philip Lewis from VaasaETT and with delegates from Siemens, Nuvee, Restore and EPEX SPOT the conversation addressed the four aspects of Smart Energy Europe’s mission: promoting system efficiency, empowering energy users, encouraging innovation and diversity and driving decarbonisation of the energy sector.

Closing the Symposium, Simon commented on how consumer purchasing of electric vehicles, solar and battery systems is likely to force the changes Smart Energy Europe are discussing quicker than many expect and the initiative to broaden the group’s scope is extremely timely.  On behalf of the membership he thanked Frauke Thies, our Executive Director, for initiating and piloting the changes through and consequently generating a growth in membership.

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