How energy efficient really are your home appliances?

Of the 100 electrical appliances tested in this Marketwatch survey, 18 of them turned out not to be compliant with EU ecodesign laws. Whilst some of these products were using more power when running than they claimed, others were found to be sapping energy when they were supposed to be in ‘off’ mode.

“While this was a targeted sample, we suspect that as many as one in 10 household appliances sold today consume more energy than the manufacturer states. This could be misleading for consumers and result in higher energy bills – and true product cost – than they would anticipate.” – Dr Fanoula Ziouzia (Head of Products at Energy Saving Trust).

How do you know if your products are using more energy than they should be?

Maybe you have a funny feeling about your dishwasher’s energy use – or perhaps you’re slightly suspicious of how many kilowatts your TV uses? An easy way to find out if your electrical appliances are in fact guzzling too much energy, is to get yourself an energy monitor – we’d recommend either our best-selling Minim+ electricity monitor or our Solo II home energy monitor for the job!

1. Using your Minim+ electricity monitor

The great thing about Minim+ is that it shows you real-time energy use in both kWs and ££s on its easy-to-read colour display. This means, the next time you turn your TV or microwave on, you’ll be able to see just how much energy your appliances are using – and whether this stacks up with what was advertised.

2. Using your Solo II energy monitor (+ energynote)

If you’ve linked your Solo II with our online data platform energynote (if not, you’ll need a bridge to do so) you can then connect a Smart Plug to the appliance in question to see (via energynote) exactly how much energy your appliance is using – and how much it’s costing you. Those energy-guzzling gadgets will have nowhere to hide!

Now it’s over to you. Will you be testing how much energy your appliances use to see how this tallies with how much you thought they were using? You’ll have to let us know if you think you’ve caught out any energy offenders! Pop your comments in the box below – we’d love to hear from you.

Your comments

  • Hm.

    Never ever had this thought to double check how much energy my appliance is consuming.

    I lately replaced my old appliance with new energy star certified appliances but am not getting the kind of electricity savings that I previously expected before replacing the old appliance.

    I guess I have to now use your “energynote”. Hope this reveals the energy bogging appliance in my house.

    Any suggestions welcome guys


    Posted by: Travis on 21 September 2016 at 5:18 am

  • Hi Travis. We’d definitely recommend plugging one of our Smart Plugs into the socket of the appliance in question – that way you’ll be able to see exactly how much energy it’s using when switched on.

    We hope you get to the bottom of it! And, if you have any more questions about energynote, our support team (email: will be happy to help. Michelle

    Posted by: Michelle Harrison on 26 September 2016 at 2:50 pm

  • I would love to know more about this new thing called energy star rating. Does it really help consumer save electricity (Bills) ?

    Posted by: James on 29 January 2017 at 4:36 am

  • Thanks for the comment James – this sounds like a good suggestion for a future blog post we need to write! For more info on the EU Energy Star, we’d recommend taking a look at this handy data sheet which contains lots of info on what appliances’ energy efficiency ratings really mean. Michelle 🙂

    Posted by: Michelle Harrison on 1 February 2017 at 10:13 am