How do I get Cosy installed in my home?

We’re all about keeping things simple here at Cosy Towers, including Cosy installation. That’s why we’ve made our Cosy smart heating controller as easy-to-use as possible. So, we thought it made sense to keep the installation process simple too.

That’s why, when you purchase any of the Cosy products through our web store (apart from the additional Cosy Displays), installation comes included as standard.

All you need do is, pick your Cosy of your choice from one of the virtual shelves in our web store and pop it in your basket. Then, when you come to check out you can select an installation date that works for you.

Then, simply sit back, relax and wait for your Cosy to be installed by one of our friendly installers. Easy peasy!

Can I buy Cosy without installation?

Yes, but not from our web store. If you want to arrange your own installation, we recommend that you head over to our Amazon store where you can purchase any Cosy product you like – all without installation.

You’ll then need to ring up your local electrician and arrange an install date. There are easy-to-read installation instructions over on our Cosy Support page that take them through the install process, step-by-simple-step.

Can I install Cosy myself?

Cosy should only be installed by a ‘competent person’ i.e. someone who knows their way around a boiler blindfolded – and preferably someone with electrical qualifications. So, ideally not your Uncle Kev who once replaced the fuse in a plug ten years ago…

Have any more questions about getting your Cosy installed? Get in touch with our friendly support team, who’ll be happy to help. Otherwise, pop your comments in the box below for us to answer.