geo shortlisted for Shell Springboard programme 2018

geo is delighted to announce that they have been shortlisted in the top 16 companies for the Shell Springboard programme 2018. geo’s submission centred on our newest proposition, Core, to stimulate low-cost energy for all through our Hybrid Home.

The project “Core for the Hybrid Home”, will create active consumers. Core will provide user-friendly features that enable households to engage flexibly with the grid.

Core leverages the value created from a smart meter, (with battery and in-home energy management), to give households the opportunity to turn their energy use into a tradable commodity. However, these benefits will only be realised by ‘active consumers’.

Therefore, the Springboard will help us (geo) enable active consumers.

We’ll do this by placing the user at the heart of our feature development, funding user validation and human factors research. From these inputs, we’ll progress the realisation of our unique multi-sensory interface, and develop a home-energy experience that is simple, restful and enjoyable.

With the Springboard’s help, Core offers households greater pleasure and satisfaction at home, where they’ll find opting for a low-carbon life a joy to do.

The next round of judging will take place in March, we’ll keep you posted.