What’s the difference between geo’s energy monitors?

We may be bias, but in our opinion energy monitors are great bits of energy tech! They can help save you money by making the invisible, visible (that’s your energy consumption) so there are no nasty surprises when your bill comes through!

Energy monitors vary in their abilities, from entry level models such as the Minim+ which store up to 1 month of data to the Solo II which can be upgraded to include cloud data storage.

What they both have in common is the ability to tell you what your energy consumption is, right now, today, yesterday, last week or last month. You can also set a budget if you are watching the pennies to help keep yourself on track!

So let’s take a look at what our devices can offer….


Every geo energy monitor has a colour display for great visibility and style, they are designed to be intuitive to help people engage with their energy habits.

We all know the common energy savings tips (such as turning lights off when you are not in the room) but it can be hard to see the impact these changes make. This is why both the Minim+ and Solo II both have a speedometer which act as a visual representation of your energy consumption.


You don’t need to have a smart meter with any of our energy monitors! The Minim+ and Solo II can be used with pre-smart electricity meters and are simple enough to self-install!

The Minim+ is our entry level energy monitoring device, with the ability to store 1 month data, it helps you explore your energy consumption. The Minim+ does not have the option to upgrade to a connected device, which means that you will only be able to look at and compare with the previous months consumption on the device itself.

Available in both CT and LED versions, the Minim+ is suitable for all types of electricity meters, and can also support single or 3 phase meters!

The Solo II is the next step-up in energy monitoring devices, as standard it is not a connected device but with the geo Internet Bridge (available separately), it gives you the ability to store data in the cloud for year-round analysis with EnergyNote online data services.

The Internet Bridge provides the Solo II with the functionality to operate with geo’s Active and Passive SmartPlugs. Passive SmartPlugs can record the energy consumption of specific appliances and devices, so if you are worried your old fridge drawing lots of power, you can monitor it over a period of time, and see if you need to replace it with a newer model with a better eco rating.

geo’s Active SmartPlugs allow you to control devices remotely, the most popular use is turning lights on/off when the house is empty.

The Solo II (with the internet bridge) is compatible with the weatherproof geo Temperature Sensor, this can be placed anywhere to take a temperature reading, it is usually placed outside to provide you with external temperature readings.

As standard, the Solo II has a CT clip to connect to your single-phase electricity meter (it is also compatible with 3 phase electricity meters) however it is not available with LED sensor.

What are the differences between geo’s devices?