CBI report Disrupting the Future


The CBI’s major innovation survey, Disrupting the Future highlighted key technologies that will be transforming businesses in the next five years, these are:

  • Artificial Intelligence
  • Blockchain
  • Internet of Things

With the Internet of Things unblocking data, Blockchains changing how business exchange value and Artificial Intelligence solving problems. Companies of all sizes across the UK in any sector, have the prospect of benefitting.

Case study: Green Energy Options (geo) are an energy technology firm that focus on developing connected home devices

  • Water damage, such as flooding or excessive mould is the single largest risk to UK homes. geo have developed an IoT technology, WaterLock, to monitor the usage of water pipes.
  • WaterLock allows the consumer to detect leaks and isolate them, which can save households huge amounts of money. The typical cost of household damage caused by burst pipes is £7000.
  • The insurance sector are working closely with geo as 70% of payouts on residential properties are linked to water damage. The IoT technology enables insurance firms to reduce claims and bring down premiums.
  • geo have invested over £5m in the IoT platform that manages the data and have big plans to use AI to analyse the patterns produced by the information.

You can download the full report on the CBI Website here.