geo becomes approved Achilles UVDB supplier to British utilities

We are proud to announce that we’re now an approved, registered Achilles UVDB supplier (Utilities Vendor Database) to the British utilities industry.

Following a rigorous accreditation process geo has achieved Achilles UVDB certification in the UK. This means we are able to supply smart energy-related consumer products and services in the competitive British market to those customers using the Achilles service.

Our products related to the accreditation include smart energy displays (also known as IHDs), consumer access devices, online energy services, home energy management systems, smart heating systems and smart water displays that allow consumers to monitor and manage their home energy consumption.

Achilles UVDB is the community used by over 1,000 buyers from over 40 UK Utilities companies. It allows buyers to maintain a pre-qualified supply chain and also validates that insurance cover, financial standing and standards for quality management are all maintained. Achilles UVDB is guided by a steering group comprising of utility buyers to drive industry best practice.