Meet Waterlock

The new connected leak detection system designed to protect your home from water leaks and water damage.

Top tips

to combat energy guzzlers in your home

There’s so much we can do to change our normal habits and adopt an energy-saving approach that will also benefit our bank balances.

Small changes in the home...

...can lead to big energy savings

Wondering how to combat energy price rises? The most effective way is to take greater control of your energy usage. An energy monitor will help you to understand just how much your electrical appliances are guzzling.

Meet Cosy

the simpler way to control your heating

Come home to Cosy with our fuss-free thermostat.

Award-winning innovations

Proud winners of a 2017 Queen’s Award for Enterprise: Innovation.

See solar in a different light

Maximise the payback from your panels.

Together, we can make your home smarter

Looking to cut the cost of your energy bills? Or want to heat your home more efficiently?

You’ve come to the right place!

With our range of smart tech products, we’re here to help your home perform at its best.

What’s the real cost of a cup of tea?

Here’s a clue: it’s more than just the price of a teabag! Find out what your kettle is costing – alongside your other energy-guzzling appliances – with one of our handy little energy monitors. You’ll be surprised how much you can save once you’re aware of those hidden costs.

Meet our products

Transforming energy use habits

Since the very beginning, we’ve been determined to fight against climate change by transforming people’s energy use habits – in recognition of this, we’ve received a 2017 Queen’s Award for Enterprise: Innovation.

Here’s an insight into how we help customers become more energy efficient.


What makes geo different?


We develop products for utilities and have delivered over 4 million products to date. We’re the biggest and most experienced UK company in this space.


We are constantly evolving what it is that we do as our users gain understanding and technology moves on.

Under one roof

We work right across the domestic smart energy space bringing together smart metering, solar generation and IoT devices such as smart thermostats.


You can’t just throw tech at users – we pride ourselves on our design and on making our technology accessible and valuable to a wide range of users.