geo pledges to keep customers secure in the digital world

We are delighted to announce that following the recent launch by the Department for Digital, Culture, Media and Sport (DCMS) geo is implementing the Code of Practice for Consumer IoT Security.

Designed to ensure that products being used by people in their homes enable them to stay secure in a digital world, the Code of Practice supports all parties involved in the development, manufacturing and retail of consumer IoT.

We are one of the first manufacturers to implement the 13 guidelines of the Code, which will help ensure a high level of security in our devices, apps and services. This will also guarantee compliance with applicable data laws including GDPR.  Our IoT solutions include in-home displays and consumer access devices for use with UK smart meters.

DCMS responded to evidence that a significant number of devices on the market did not include basic security measures. As people started to entrust an increasing amount of personal data to online devices and services, it became necessary to encourage good practice in IoT security.

Since the beginning, we have taken product and service security, trust and transparency very seriously and recognise that any digital energy services platform has to be built on the foundation that it was designed to be secure and compliant.

‘‘As a leading manufacturer of smart meter displays, we have been developing our products with a strong focus on security for years,” commented Rik Temmink, Chief Product Officer at geo. “We are pleased to see that the Government recognises the need for a fundamental shift in approach to securing IoT devices, by moving the burden away from consumers and ensuring that security is built into products by design, and we are delighted to formally pledge to implement the Code of Practice.”

Ken Munro, Partner at Pen Test Partners, which carries out penetration testing on geo’s products, said: “Security is of critical importance to the success of any IoT solution, and smart metering is no exception. We have been working with geo for a number of years to verify that its products are secure and identify areas for improvement. During this time, geo has demonstrated that it has an effective ‘secure by design’ capability and a positive attitude towards continuous improvement in this area.”


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