Celebrating our first ten years (geo@10) and beyond

This week we unveiled our new logo: it marks a significant transition point in our history. In April we turned ten years old. We also completed our first profitable year and made the transition from a small to a medium business – all major milestones.

geo@10 – the first ten years

We’ve come a long way since our inception and the initial ambition to make energy visible. When we started, consumer engagement was non-existent when it came to home energy management. Now it’s at the heart of the UK’s Smart Metering Programme, has spawned a number of growing companies across the world and there is increasing talk, particularly in Brussels, about the consumer centric energy system. We like to think that we had some hand in this!

So our first ten years have mostly been about in-home displays – and such sales will continue to make up the bulk of our near-term revenues. We are currently scaling up to meet these challenges. At the height of the smart meter roll-out there could be 75,000 installs a week – an order of magnitude greater than what we do at the moment. Managing this transition requires the utmost professionalism ensuring that we retain our reputation for delivery and reliability.

What’s next? The Hybrid Home

The next ten years will be about data and convergence. This means bringing together data from in-home and third party energy management sources to make energy smarter.

“Our vision is the Hybrid Home: a combination of both traditional and new ways of powering the home.” – Simon Anderson, CSO

Styled with the hybrid car in mind (which doubles fuel efficiency whilst delivering a better driving experience) our Hybrid Home will double homes’ fuel efficiency whilst improving homeowners’ living experience. How? By bringing together metering, solar, storage and appliance control – and making it visible through an engaging display interface – to make this technology both accessible and desirable.

The Internet of Energy (IoE)

At the heart of our Hybrid Home vision is the IoE: a specialist element of the Internet of Things (IoT).

In contrast to more standard IoT products – that users fit themselves and take with them when they move home – these IoE products will primarily be fixtures and fittings (think smart thermostats and battery storage) which require a different type of installation and support. Work on our IoE portfolio is already underway – take our Trio ll IHD for instance, which can also double up as a CAD and a smart thermostat.

It’s for this reason that we have chosen our IoE symbol (the orange geo icon) to refresh our logo and signal our vision of the future where all our products – and others too – work together to deliver smarter energy. Hence our recently updated web address: cubiq.geotogether.com

We’d be really interested to hear what you think or our new logo – and of our plans for the next ten years. Get in touch by writing your comments in the box below!