Products & Services

geo’s innovative approach to product development resonates with householders and energy retailers alike, progressively providing more visibility and control through engagement, automation and the intelligent use of data.

smarter energy

Our Smarter Energy solutions make energy visible to the householder, helping you to understand and control your energy consumption by providing useful and actionable insights that can help save money and reduce your carbon footprint.

Smarter Energy connects displays to the web enabling:

  • Collection of real-time consumption data
  • Two-way communications with the display for alerts etc.
  • Delivery of energy apps

smarter heating

Smarter Heating offers a growing range of connected products. Starting with gas heating, we have now added electric heating and water management too.


Waterlock is a connected leak detection and shut off system that provides peace of mind, giving the householder complete control of their water supply at home and away, reducing the risk, hassle and expense of escape of water in the home.

hybrid home™

geo’s objective is to reduce energy consumption in its customers’ connected homes and enable more affordable living by helping them to gain control of their energy usage and give them visibility of it so they can better match it to their budget and lifestyle choices.