Building an energy market

Chief Data Services Officer, Rik Temmink and Product Manager, Thomas Whiffen from geo will be speaking at an event focused on building an energy marketing around the customer in Birmingham on Thursday 26th April 2018.

The is event brought to you by BEAMA, the Energy Systems Catapult, and Energy UK explores the backdrop for change and some of the key themes that can get us over the line in the initial race to decarbonisation up to 2030.

As the UK forges a path towards meeting 2050 commitments to decarbonisation, the energy system and surrounding industries are continually adapting to a fast-changing marketplace.  Increasing levels of low carbon decentralised generation, deployment of energy storage and the increasing electrification of heat and transport all present opportunities and challenges to significant progress towards decarbonisation in the lead up to the first key milestone in 2030.

The entire supply chain is evolving and repositioning itself, across Network Operators, suppliers, manufacturers and aligned actors including finance providers.  Customer participation in the energy system requires a completely different conversation with the customer, increasingly dependent on data management and new technology ownership models than unit energy cost and disaggregated supply chains for home services.

For further information please check the event listing on the BEAMA website.