Big Energy Savings Week

This week is Big Energy Savings Week (BESW), and Citizen Advice will be sharing ways to help you cut your fuel bills.

The main focus of BESW is to raise awareness of switching energy suppliers and tariffs and how switching can save you money by securing a better deal. But did you know that there are other ways to make savings on your energy bills?

During BESW we will be sharing our top tips to reduce your energy bills and how our products may be able to help you do so!

There is more to saving energy than simply turning off a lightbulb, but where should you start?

Our products are able to inform you of your current and previous energy usage, they will allow you take control of your consumption and help you relax in the knowledge that you have made savings on your annual energy bill.

With the support of our best-selling products, we will help you discover how a change of habit can save you money, from drying your hair, to reducing how much water you put in the kettle.

You can also use our devices to identify appliances and products around the home that are energy guzzlers, such as the clock on your microwave, why not turn it off after each use? How about switching your lightbulbs to energy saving bulbs?

So, whether you are changing your habit or changing a lightbulb, our devices can help you identify and make savings on your energy bills – each little change adds up!

Do you have another brand of energy monitor? Not to worry! Whilst we would love you to be using one of our best-selling products, we understand that you may be using one of our competitors’ products instead. So, whether you are using a geo product or not, the principles we will be sharing are the same, to ensure everyone can make savings!

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