Q. When is the best time to start thinking about your central heating?

#1 Going away on your summer hols? There’s a Cosy mode for that!

Whether you’re setting off on a long weekend or jetting off for a fortnight abroad, thanks to Cosy, you needn’t worry about your heating while you’re away. Just remember (along with packing your sunglasses and sun cream) to choose from either Hibernate or Slumber mode before you set off on your travels.

Not sure which mode is best for your holiday plans? Take a look at this handy blog post for some top holiday heating tips.

#2 Just because it’s summer doesn’t mean the UK weather will be summery…

And even if there is bright sunshine and temperatures of 32ºC predicted for the week ahead, it’s just as likely that this warm weather won’t last long.

Never fear. Cosy, with its easy-to-use app and flexible schedules, makes light work of adjusting your heating to account for the sun, then the rain, then the sun, then the snow!

What’s more, you’re able to do all this heating tweaking and adjusting from wherever you are in the world – using either your smartphone, PC or tablet. This means, never again will you need to heat your home when you don’t need to be. Easy peasy!

#3 You can set up your account just the way you like it – and with plenty of time to spare before winter 

The good new is, both the Cosy Display and app are super simple to use. That said, if you are a bit of a central heating hair-splitter (like most of us here at Cosy Towers) it will probably take you a bit of time to decide which temperature to choose for each mode (hmm, should you go for 21ºC or 20.5ºC for Cosy mode?).

It might also take you a little longer to deliberate over, and set up, all seven of your unique custom schedules to suit your lifestyle. By fine-tweaking your temperature set points and fine-tuning your heating schedules during the summer though, you’ll be all set for when Mr Jack Frost comes a-knocking.

#4 This summer (for a limited time only) we’re giving you £25 off your Cosy smart thermostat

Yes, that’s right! For a limited time you can get £25 off* your Cosy smart thermostat purchase. To claim the discount, all you need do is enter your details to download our Cosy brochure over on this page here. Then just remember to pop your special summer discount code in at the checkout – summer savings ahoy!

So, we hope we’ve managed to convince you that a Cosy smart thermostat is most definitely for life and not just for the winter months! If you have any more Cosy questions for us, pop them in the comments box below or get in touch with our friendly support team here. Keep it Cosy!

*Offer only valid when you purchase a Cosy smart thermostat (the Cosy single zone heating pack either with or without hot water). Happy shopping!