BEAMA Appoints Patrick Caiger-Smith as President

First entrepreneur to take on prestigious role

Patrick Caiger-Smith, the CEO and co-founder of geo, the pioneering developer of smarter energy products and services, has been appointed as President of BEAMA. This is the first time that an entrepreneur has been selected for the post.

BEAMA is the leading trade association which represents manufacturers of electrical infrastructure products and systems from environmental systems in the built environment, including smart home energy management right through to systems for transmission and distribution of electricity.

Patrick Caiger-Smith was previously Vice-President at BEAMA, and intends to continue the projects he has already led to develop strong links with other trade associations in the electrical sector and highlight the industry’s role in ensuring a sustainable and energy efficient future. The two-year tenure will also see Caiger-Smith steering BEAMA as it represents members interests in Europe as the UK exits the EU.

“I am delighted to have been appointed to the role of President at BEAMA, and determined to ensure that we continue to play a leading role in the development of electrical technology in both existing and new markets,” said Patrick Caiger-Smith. “We have just launched the Electrification by Design report, which advocates market integration at a regional level in order to establish the flexible energy system needed for the future. This is also part of the broader message around the digitisation of energy, which we have been promoting at geo for some time, and which will become increasingly important in the year ahead.”