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LED Sensor smart energy device with geo Home app


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Smart energy device helping householders control their energy usage.

  • Simple and intuitive app; see at glance how much electricity the home is using now and today.

  • The geo Home app allows you to view historical electricity usage, set a budget and track your spend.

  • Supports up to 2 tariffs rates

  • Designed for easy self-installation with no specialist knowledge or skills required.

  • Works with any electricity meters with a flashing light (LED) output, including an electricity smart meter.

Please note: The Hub + LED Sensor is not designed for use with home that have solar generation.

Phone not included, it is used for illustration purposes only.

The Hub smart energy device allows households to engage with their energy habits through the use of the geo Home app. The app can show you current energy usage and has a budget function to help householders keep track of costs. The Hub along with the geo Home app, help take back control of energy usage, putting the information in the palm of the hand.

The Hub is a simple, self-installed device that uses an LED reader for range, accuracy and reliability.

The Hub does not have a display, it requires the geo Home app to view energy data, the app can be downloaded free from the App store.

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