Waterlock detects leaks in the home and automatically shuts off mains water.


Waterlock provides round the clock protection from leaks, monitoring homes 24/7.

The Waterlock app not only allows householders to monitor the status of their home, it enables control of the mains water remotely.

How it works

Waterlock uses wireless sensors around the home to detect standing water or changes in humidity, so every system works specifically for the home that it’s in.

Leak detection cables can be used for hard to reach places such as under integrated appliances or behind baths and shower trays.

The app  provides the ability to simply turn the water supply off when leaving a property for extended periods significantly reducing the risk of a leak occurring.

Limit damage caused by leaks

Waterlock does more than monitor the status of a home, it puts householders in control of their mains water, whether they are at home or away. Conventional leak detection systems notify the householder of a leak, but manual action is required to turn off the valve and stop further water damage.

Waterlock sends alerts to the householder via push notifications and email to mobile devices if it detects standing water. Unlike other leak detection systems, Waterlock remotely shuts off the mains water supply.

The unique capability of Waterlock works equally well for empty properties, providing protection from burst pipes and leaky water tanks.

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