Smart energy

Our smart energy solutions make energy visible to consumers, helping them understand and control their energy consumption by providing useful and actionable insights that can help save money and reduce their carbon footprint.

Trio+ Heating

Trio+ Heating is a cost effective solution combining our market leading in-home display (IHD) with unique, energy aware smart heating control functionality.

It’s the first in-home display that’s smart about energy and heating.

The system includes the Trio Touchscreen IHD which is SMETS1 & 2 compliant, a room temperature sensor and an App.

Trio - the smart in-home display

  • Touchbutton and Touchscreen (dual fuel) variants available
  • Combined IHD and CAD using ZigBee Smart Energy Protocol
  • Full colour 3.45” tft display
  • Full SMETS functionality including PPMID
  • Works with UK Smart Meters or Dutch P1 transmitter
  • Optional temperature sensor for temperature data analysis and feedback
  • Legato home energy management – smart energy monitor, smart thermostat, temperature sensors etc.

Trio Accessible display

Trio Accessible in-home display (duel fuel) features:

  • Tactile, high contrast buttons
  • Ergonomically designed enclosure
  • Text to speech functionality


  • Captures real-time and historical energy consumption data
  • Connected devices and data services
  • Simple installation
  • Budget performance tracker
  • SMETS1 and SMETS2 compatible

Energy data services

Our range of data solutions are designed to work with whatever types of meters are in use – be it electricity or gas, smart or pre-smart. We can reliably transfer valuable data out of the home and into the cloud, so that it can be used in new and innovative ways. The data can then be presented to your consumers in a highly engaging way – either through our own user-focused apps or apps you develop yourself.

Customers wishing to integrate the geo offering with their own platforms, apps and 3rd-party services can do so using data queues and REST APIs.

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